Write Your Own Fairy Tale

In hindsight, I used to give far too much weight to the “story.” It seemed that, the crazier the story was about how I met a guy, or the more challenges in our way, the more I thought it was meant to be. It was very exciting that two people, alone in Vegas, on the same night, at the same pub, found each other.  It was also fantastic that the whirlwind romance that followed, was exactly what we each needed at that time. But, a fairy tale does not a relationship make.

Enter Will. No big story there. We met online. We went for drinks. We had a nice time.

I was heading over to Will’s place for our third date, home-cooked meal and movies, and although this sounded delightful, I approached his door with lead butterflies weighing me down. My palms were sweaty and I was trying as hard as possible to put out of my mind what was about to happen. In just a few hours I would have to…break up with Will.

Why? No idea. Well, maybe because at the time I was still thinking that moving across the country to pursue unrequited love was the better option. Years later, I don’t remember what excuses I was able to put together, but I remember that Will wasn’t buying any of it. His response was six words: “I’m going to call you again.” He knew we had something really good together and he wasn’t about to let it walk away for no good reason. I had tried to run away from something real and genuine (not to mention a mere 15-minute walk away,) thinking I wanted the drama of marathon long-distance phone calls and whirlwind romantic vacations. Within 24 hours, I knew I had made a mistake and I retracted my break-up. It’s Will that is my happily ever after.

Beautiful couple

Will and I recently traveled to California with stops in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Both are amazing cities with so much vibrancy and interesting things. It made us wonder what life would be like to live in these cities. Is life automatically so much more exciting living here? Or would we settle into our usual selves, and usual routines once we had been there for a while? Looking back to the pre-Will years, I know I was just trying to inject excitement into my life through the kind of love that I think only Hollywood can make happen, instead of living my life and creating adventure on my own. I’m lucky to have Will joining me on that adventure now, but the way we met won’t determine what’s in store for us. It’s up to us to use the years ahead of us to write an interesting story.


Love Lila LogoLila is a public relations professional by trade, and a relationship blogger therapeutically. Although she found love with boyfriend Will, memories of the online dating world are hard to repress.

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