Welcome to WinkWisely!

This blog is the precursor to what will become a ground-breaking offering in the online dating community in Canada.

Our goal is to build an online dating community where EVERY member has had their identity authenticated (Equifax) and has had a Criminal Record check completed by the RCMP.

This blog is sponsored by MateCheck Canada. MateCheck.ca offers self-verification tools to validate your information which is housed by trusted 3rd party databases (Equifax & RCMP). Our goal is to facilitate the information sharing that creates comfort in a personal relationship especially when it is initiated online. We are a presentment service accessing and presenting your information with your authority, so your prospective partner has a convenient and secure way to view your identity details. That’s our core service!

Viewing of your information/profile is restricted to you and your prospective mate(s). Your profile is PRIVATE and shared by sending a token to those mate(s) you choose to exchange information with, and your profile can only be viewed by those whom you choose for 1, 2 or 5 days.

Online dating has done wonderful things to introduce people (*1/3 people prefer to be introduced online), into new relationships, although no one has facilitated the important information sharing after a love interest sparks. This is what we are offering and this is what we like to call dating confidence. We are not a dating site. We serve the whole online dating community in Canada.

*Badoo.com: Why Online Dating

As a member of the Matecheck’d community, you will have the opportunity to conduct 3rd party public record checks on others who have declined your invitation to get Matecheck’d themselves. No more unconfirmed red flags that leave doubt in your mind about who you are talking to or meeting online. With 3rd party checks you will be able to find out who your prospective or existing partner really is!

Visit Matecheck.ca now.

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