Single in Ottawa?

Single, looking for a match and doing the online dating thing in Ottawa?

If yes, then we cordially invite you to be our guest on January 14th, 2014 at 10fourteen!

The event: a focus group discussion on what you want in an online dating service, with drinks, snacks and then a mix and mingle with great Ottawa singles!

Dating is hard! It takes a lot of time, courage and effort and sometimes it turns out that the people you took a chance on aren’t exactly all they cracked themselves up to be. We are working on a service to help you navigate through that big sea of fish to find the best catches and we call it MateCheck.

The MateCheck Process for online dating in Canada

OK, so, what’s the deal?

We want you to try MateCheck out, give us some feedback and in return you get a fun night out with some drinks and apps, meet some cool singles (we are planning a 50/50 girl/guy split), chat about the dating scene, inlfuence the future of online dating in Canada and get a MateCheck profile free for a year!

So, what does MateCheck actually *DO*?

Have you heard those horror stories where people are scammed out of money from people they met online or found out they were married after the fact? Or that they had a criminal record? MateCheck is an online dating identification verification service, we verify that who you are considering starting that relationships with is who they say they are, live where they say they live, that their divorces are final, if they have a criminal history and if they have previously declared bankrupcy. Our service helps you get those tough questions and conversations out of the way that most singles are afraid to tackle.

It is much easier to say “Can I see your MateCheck profile?” than it is to say “How do I know you are who you say you are? Do you have a criminal record? Have you ever gone bankrupt? Is your divorce finalized?” It is great for providing your future partner peace of mind, showing you are one of the good ones and shows you are serious about finding a great match with a great person.

Sign up and we will send you a free MateCheck membership to try, then join us on January 14th with a bunch of other serious singles in Ottawa to discuss what you liked, what you didn’t, what you would like to see in a service like ours and do it all over drinks and snacks!

Then, after the focus group feedback on MateCheck mix and mingle with some great Ottawa singles!

Have questions?

Find us on Twitter @MateCheckCan 

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Click here to register:
Eventbrite - Get MateCheck'd

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